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Message for All Boulderers

pridané 27.05.2013

Due to boulder setting for the Saturday kids competition, bouldering will be slightly limited on Friday. All overhanging profiles right of the corner will be open. Thus, it will have no impact on hard-core boulderers. You spend all your time there, anywaysmiley.

On Saturday, bouldering will be possible since about 2 pm. Rope climbing is not impacted by the competition.

And a competition bonus for all visitors? Well known cakes and sandwiches in the bar.

Should you have no program for Saturday morning, come and watch the new generation of boulderers.

Summer Camps

pridané 24.05.2013

Look at section Summer Camps. We added current information for this summer.

Current Route Composition

pridané 22.05.2013

Currently, we have the following routes prepared for you. However, it is perishable information, since old routes disappear and new ones appear every day.

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