Climbing Academy

Civic association Lezecká akadémia (Climbing Academy) organises courses for children from the age of 6 daily starting at 3 pm (see current schedule).  Everybody has the opportunity to select the desired number of trainings per week and the relevant days. During school and state holidays trainings do not take place.

The year is divided into three trimesters. Within a trimester, the training days may be changed.

Within the training, we would like to focus on three climbing disciplines: bouldering, difficulty and speed. Children train in groups of piers under the supervision of a trainer, whereby, the training is adjusted to their age and performance level. With smaller children, we prefer training in the form of game. The more experienced ones are engaged in exercises, power training and various climbing courses.

Except for trainings, Lezecká akadémia organises annual summer camps for children. Throughout the year, there are various weekend climbing camps organised in gyms and on rock to support performance and team spirit.

Any questions are to be e-mailed to or call Andrea at 0917 978 476. She will gladly provide any closer information.  

In the application form, mark the trimester and days you are interested in. Should you apply in the course of a trimester, mark the date of the first training. The entire trimester is paid in advance, whereby, the total amount is calculated based on the number of trainings you sign up for. the price of one training is Eur 8,50.

In case of extended absence due to illness, accident or holiday, it is possible to arrange a return of the training fee according to defined rules (these are only available in Slovak). 

Application Form Beginners

Application Form Advanced I.


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