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Climbing is classified in the group of extreme sports and many people especially couple the word extreme with the issue of safety´, or "riskiness". Clearly, climbing is coupled with risks. However, they may be avoided by complying with certain principles, standards and instructions.

The principal document providing for your safety during a visit of Climbing centre Vertigo are the "Operating Rules" visibly positioned at several spots within the centre and also available at this web page. Every centre visitor is obliged to abide by all the items of the Operating Rules.

Another step towards your safety is paying attention to what you do and what is happening around you. Under any circumstances, follow the instructions of the centre staff.

We often encounter experienced climbers refusing to abide by any rules presented in documents similar to our Operating Rules, since they feel they "know it all better". We do not wish to object them.  However, during their stay within the climbing centre, they are obliged to follow the defined rules set up in consultation with the methodological committee of Slovak Climbing Association JAMES.

And last but not least? Use your brains and do not overrate your abilities. You come to the climbing centre to have fun, to gather new experiences and to train. If you behave responsibly within the climbing gym premises, you will have fun, you will experience something and you will train. Do not forget that your irresponsibility does not only threaten you, but also others.

Any information presented in the Operating Rules, or within this web page may not replace due training and practice. Completion of proper training in the field of safe climbing and belaying technique is your own responsibility.