For Beginners

You never climbed before, but you would liek to try a new sport? There are several options.

  • Should you be uncertain about climbing being your thing, fill in the booking form in section "Courses" (and read the "how to book" instructions) and ask for personal trainer, who will belay you, explain a litte about climbing and you will have the possibility to try how you like moving in the vertical. If climbing gets you, you sign up for a top rope course.  
  • Fill in the booking form in section "Courses" (and read the "how to book" instructions) and order a top rope course. You will learn something about climbing gear, how to wear a harness correctly, how to clip into a rope and especially, how to handle arope and belay device. Following this course, you will be able to climb independtly in the climbing centre premises and use the rop ropes put up by climbing ćentre staff. After a while, when top rope climbing and belaying becomes second nature for you, you may sign up for a lead course. Prior to your course request acceptation, an instructor will test you and approove you course participation..
  • Should you prefer individual approach, you may continue in individual trainings with personal trainer.
  • You are not interested in rope climbing, or you do not have a climbing partner? You may start bouldering (4,2 m high wall, where ho ropes are used and the ground is covered in mats). Here again, you may ask for a personal trainer to explain you what bouldering is  about.

What do you need?

Rope climbing calls for a climbing partner, minimum 100 %  mastering of belaying and rope handling technique smiley and the following gear:

  • Harness
  • HMS carabiner and belay device
  • Climbing shoes
  • Chalk bag and chalk
  • Rope (for advanced climbers capable of lead climbing)
  • Sports clothes

Should you not be in possession of such hear, you can rent it, or purchase in the climbing centre.

When bouldering, the following gar suffices:

  • climbing shoes
  • chalk bag and chalk
  • sports clothes