Rope climbing

Climbing Centre Vertigo is a place for beginners, recreational climbers and experts alike. Vertical, slabby, slightly to very overhanging profiles enable setting of routes in all difficulty grades - from four to ten (only of there is somebody to climb them smiley). We set routes in holds of one colour, which simplifies orientation.

Most of the 840 m2 of climbing surface reach about 12 m in height. Only 100 m2 located on the gallery are 8 m heigh. However, all these routes are equipped with top ropes, which makes the gallery an ideal spot for beginners, or children. For children, we have a special wall with beautifully painted motives and animal shaped holds. Climbing such wall is a lot of fun. And maybe, adults will nto resist either. There are aditional 11 top ropes at your disposal in the central wall section. These are available to all centre visitors.

In the central part of the wall, there are overhanging profiles. However, this should scare the lower performing climbers, since there too are easy routes on jugs. Are the vertical profiles busy, it is time to give the overhangs a try.

If route grading is unknown for you, we provide a comparison grading chart, whereby the easiest routes receive the lowest number. In the climbing centre, we use the UIAA grading. However, on rock, you may encounter various grading systems. In Europe, it is mostly UIAA or the French grading.


5.1 1 I
5.2 2 II
5.3 3 III
5.4 4a IV
5.5 4b IV+
5.6 4c V
5.7 5a V+
5.8 5b VI-
5.9 5c VI
5.10a 6a VI+
5.10b 6a+ VII-
5.10c 6b VII
5.10d 6b+ VII+
5.11a 6c
5.11b VIII-
5.11d 7a VIII
5.12a 7a+ VIII+
5.12b 7b  
5.12c 7b+ IX−
5.12d 7c IX
5.13a 7c+ IX+
5.13b 8a  
5.13c 8a+ X−
5.13d 8b X
5.14a 8b+ X+
5.14b 8c  
5.14c 8c+ XI−
5.14d 9a XI
5.15a 9a+ XI+
5.15b 9b  
5.15c 9b+