Technical Parameters


Rope Climbing

Wall surface: 1,450 m2
Max. height: 13 m
Max. overhang: 12 m
Profiles: vertical, slightly overhanging, overhangs, roofs, arrets, cracks, slabs, childrens profiles
Routes: Routes are always in one colour, which makes orientation easy and offers the possibility to follow own performance advancement by climbing certain routes 

No. of rope lines: 84

No. of routes:  200+  at all times and new routes are added every day

Bonus: 6 auto belays enable you to climb without a cimbing partner. Ideal for everyone finding it hard to coordinate with friends, for endurance training, but also parents with children and inexperienced belayers.

Bouldering Wall

Climbing surface:320 m2
Max. height: 4.50 m
Other: excellent mats, interesting holds and volumes, mantles, large 45° training wall, free standing boulder
Extras: campus board, pull-up bar, fingerboards, TRX, bosu, fitballs, weights

Boulders: 40+ at all times, always set in one colour (we use a 4 colours grading system - from yellow, through blue, red to black being the hardest ones)

Child World

Dedicated space for children including:

Walls for children, a slide, trampoline, excellent mats, chalk board, ...